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LOST IN TIME RESTORATIONS did the restoration work on my ’58 IMPALA. Jim and Michael Purcell did the bodywork, paint and mechanical aspects of the project, and worked closely with me to ensure the results met my expectations. A person can leave their car at the shop and they will do all

the work, or you can don your overalls and become part of the process. I found Jim and Micheal to be very knowledgeable regarding classic autos, in addition to being innovative and creative as the need arose.

They have an eye for detail and a high standard of excellence for the quality of work that leaves their shop. Jim and Michael were easy to work with and always took time to make me feel welcome and comfortable.

A ringing endorsement as to the quality of their work came from a Mid-West vintage auto dealer, experienced in buying and selling classic autos at the Barrett and Jackson Auctions. He visited their shop and look at my Impala, and afterward commented their work is as good ad any of the high dollar restorations shops in California.

The name of their business says it all. They have a passion for classic cars, and it shows in the quality of their work. I will forever be thankful for their efforts in bringing the Impala back to life.

Steve Kesey