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From quality classic car restoration to regular auto maintenance we offer them all!

We specialize in restoration services for hot rods and classic cars. Many of the cars we have restored have won awards in car shows and featured in magazines.

Our Shop started out as just a hobby between two high school best friends. Now nearly 45 years later Jim and Dan are still fixing up hot rods and have evolved past their Garages to what is now Lost in Time Restorations where the shop prides itself in being a true family-run business. 

Jim and Dan have passed on their knowledge of Classic Car Restoration to their kids who are now building cars of their own and teaching their children. Michael, Jim’s second oldest is the shop’s auto body expert and also manages the day to day operations in the garage.

We are passionate about passing on the Classic Car Legacy and keeping Motorsports alive! Come see us!

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep the HOT RODS AND classic motorsports alive for many generations to come.

We hope that you partner with us and use our classic and vintage car restoration services!


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customer review

My first introduction to Jim and Michael was at their shop in 2017 to look at a 67 GTO HO 4 speed car that was for sale.

The owner of the GTO, in his ad, highly recommended using Lost in Time Restoration for completing some work they had already started on the car.

After seeing the GTO and the little work they had already done, and seeing a few examples of their finished work, I knew Lost in Time was the shop I would use to finish my project.

I now know why the previous owner recommended them.

The hardest part of any car build or resto is finding an honest trustworthy, capable shop that won’t take your project and put in body shop jail!

I was impressed by their attention to detail, perfection, and passion for turning out the finest work possible. This is a shop for me.

This was a frame-off, rotisserie restoration.

Jim’s expertise and knowledge of all aspects of building either restoration or resto-mod, suggestions, recommendations, referrals, were invaluable in producing a show-stopping, award-winning result.

Jim and Michael are honest, hardworking, “car guys” and were great to work with every step of the way.

Not only were they able to complete all the body and paintwork flawlessly (did I mention my color was black!) they did complete chassis assembly, added disc brakes, suspension, custom plumbed and wired the entire car and installed all of the drive train seamlessly, they did most of the interior restoration too, for a ground up turnkey restoration.

Mike Bjur

Owner, 1967 Pontiac GTO Resto Mod

I recommend Lost in time to all my “car guy” friends and if I were to do another project, no question they would be the ones to do the work.

I recommend Lost in time to all my “car guy” friends and if I were to do another project, no question they would be the ones to do the work..”

Michael and Jim made sure I knew where work was needed and figured out the correct tools and materials to make it better than new.” 

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